Infrared Sauna

Sitting in our Infrared for 30-40 minutes will have you breaking A good Sweat and burning between 400-600 Calories a session. That is like a 2-3mile run!  Improving your circulation is key in helping tissues heal and regenerate. Sweating out your bodies toxins is an effective way to boost your immune system and reduce aches and pains.


Also known as LED Color Light Therapy. Chromotherapy is effective for many different levels of our health and well being. From Cosmetic Therapy (Soft, beautiful, new skin) to Reducing Stress and Muscle Tension. Boost your Immune System with color therapy by detoxing heavy metals and stagnant toxins!


"Sauna School"

We know the soothing heat of a sauna is the peak of relaxation. But the Infrared Sauna at BodyFix provides so much more. Check out just a few of the amazing benefits of the Infrared Sauna. 

Monthly Sauna VIP

Become a VIP Member and get our Special Sauna Pricing. TWO 30-minute Treatments a Month for $40! 


One 30minute Session....$30

Text BodyFix to 69000 for

More info & Give-aways!!! 



Located Inside of Die Empty Crossfit

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Kennewick, WA 99336

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Call or Text Amanda at 509-591-7088

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